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French Open (Roland Garros) Seating Guide

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The French Open, or Roland Garros as it’s known, is the most famous clay court tournament in the world. This is the tournament where we got our star back in 1984. In 1987 when Championship Tennis Tours began operations, we were one of the first companies bringing clients from America to the French Open. Today Championship Tennis Tours brings hundreds of clients each year to the French Open from every corner of the world through individual ticket sales, tour packages and custom packages. There's no event like it, and it's getting only better!


French Open Ticket Options with Championship Tennis Tours:


Option 1.  Philippe Chatrier Center Court. Seating capacity approximately 15,000:  

The new Philippe Chatrier court can seat approximately 15,000 spectators daily. The stadium was redesigned to make it more spacious, modern and comfortable.
The highlight is a retractable roof that means play can continue during inclement weather.

Who decides whether the roof gets closed or not?

The tournament referee will decide the best time to close the roof. Before the start of the day’s first match, the referee will check the weather forecast and decide whether the first match will begin with the roof open or closed.

Any match that starts with the roof closed will continue that way until the end of the match. If the weather improves and play can continue in the open air, the referee may decide to open the roof at the end of the match for the following encounter.

If play is stopped due to a brief shower, tarpaulin sheets will be used to cover the court as on all other courts. If the conditions improve and play can resume, the match will continue with the roof open.

If, however, the rain showers continue and prevent the match from progressing as normal, the referee may, at his sole discretion, order the roof to be closed.

The seats in the new stands are more comfortable and the court now offers greater visibility to spectators. This year, the players have access to new spaces beneath the stands.

Will there be a roof on other courts as well as Court Philippe-Chatrier?

Court Suzanne-Lenglen court, the second largest court with 10,000 seats, should be fitted with a roof ready for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. The construction was designed as “a tribute to Suzanne-Lenglen, and the pleated skirt that she put forward at the time. The roof will unfold with lightness and delicacy in a solid setting,

Are there night session?

From the first Monday to the second Wednesday of the main tournament fortnight, one key match between two top players will be scheduled every evening at 9pm on Court Philippe-Chatrier. Twelve courts have been fitted with floodlights. They are the three show courts (Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen and Simonne-Mathieu) as well as Courts 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

The referee decides if and when the lights should be used. As of next year, this lighting system will allow evening sessions to be held.

Book reserved tickets on Philippe Chatrier (Center Court). With a reserved ticket on Court Philippe Chatrier Stadium you'll have access to all the outside (annexe) courts except the Suzanne Lenglen and new Simonne-Mathieu show court, both of which will require their own ticket. Tickets are available in each of the four main tribunes: The "Borotra" and "Cochet" tribunes are situated on the west and east sides respectively, and the Brugnon and Lacoste tribunes are situated in the north and south sides respectively.  

Book reserved tickets on Philippe Chatrier (Center Court). With a reserved ticket on Court Philippe Chatrier Stadium you'll have access to all the outside (annexe) courts except the Suzanne Lenglen and new Simonne-Mathieu show court, both of which will require their own ticket. Tickets are available in each of the four main tribunes: The "Borotra" and "Cochet" tribunes are situated on the west and east sides respectively, and the Brugnon and Lacoste tribunes are situated in the north and south sides respectively.  

Philippe Chatrier Center Court Map:

We offer excellent Philippe Chatrier Center Court tickets in Categories: Lodge OR, 1, 2 and 3.

Category Or - are located in the first 7 rows of the CAT 1 level.

Category 1 tickets
are located in the lower bowl of the stadium and begin just above category Or and the corporate loge level seats. They offer amazing views of the action. In the Lacoste tribune (south side) there are only Category 1 and loge level tickets available. The loge level section is in the first 4 to 12 rows right off the court depending on the tribune. The Presidential Tribune located in the Brugnon tribune is where you'll see the President of the FFT with his guests, notable celebrities, and past Roland Garros champions.  We’re able to secure tickets by special request in the loge level, but expect to pay top dollar for these seats as loge level tickets often come with hospitality.

Category 2 tickets are located in the first 10-15 rows of the upper level in the Cochet, Borotra, and Brugnon tribunes.

Category 3 tickets are located in the last 10-15 rows in the Cochet, Borotra, and Brugnon tribunes.

Looking for seats in the shade with the sun at your back?

If you're looking for tickets with the most amount of shade or with the sun at your back, the best tribunes to sit in would be the Lacoste (south side) or Borotra tribune (west side).

View from the Lacoste Tribune (south side):


View from the Borotra Tribune (west side):


View from the Cochet Tribune (east side):


View from the Brugnon Tribune (north side):


Option 2. Suzanne Lenglen: Seating capacity approximately 10,000 seats.

Book reserved tickets for the other main show court “Stade Suzanne Lenglen”.    Although the Stade Suzanne Lenglen is not considered the Center Court where the finals take place, there will still be excellent featured matches through to Wednesday of the second week. If this is your first time to attend the Roland Garros, I would certainly recommend you purchasing tickets on Philippe Chatrier.  If you are going to be attending several days at Roland Garros, then it might make sense to purchase a ticket on Suzanne Lenglen, just so you can check it out. With a reserved ticket on Suzanne Lenglen stadium you'll have access to all the outside (annexe) courts except the Philippe Chatrier Center Court and the new Simonne-Mathieu show court, both of which will require their own ticket. All 10,068 seats inside Suzanne Lenglen have been changed from the former grey plastic to gorgeous Vosges wood built by the French company, Delagrave. They are designed to resist all weather and have given the old stadium, built in 1994, a fresh look. The same Vosge wood seats will be in the newly renovated Philippe Chatrier stadium as well.

Looking for seats in the shade on Suzanne Lengen stadium?

If you're looking for seats in the shade on Suzanne Lenglen, you'll want to get tickets in either the south side (most shade in the early part of the day) or west side (most shade in the later part of the day) of the stadium.





Option 3. Ground Pass or “Annexes” tickets as they're known in French:
These tickets will provide you with seating on a first come first served basis to the annex courts located around the Roland Garros grounds.  For the first week of the tournament, the variety of matches available to watch and lower prices make tickets for the outside courts very popular. With the Grounds or Annexe tickets you will have access to the entirety of the public areas in the Grounds, these tickets allow you to watch the action on almost 20 different courts over the course of the day.  

The Roland Garros Tournament Grounds:



Court 7, Court 9 and Court 18

When you enter the grounds from Boulevard d'Auteuil  you will immediately be confronted by the sight of the new "Village," an imposing glass and aluminum building, which offers guests an unmatched and incredible view over the new Courts 7 and 9 from terraces adorned by pine trees. The Village, in addition to a beautiful VIP Hospitality base where corporate clients can host their delighted guests, houses tournament officials, organizers, and the ball boys/girls in the basement.  Situated right in front of the Village, is the new Court 7 which seats up to 1,500 people, while Court 9 can host 550 fans. The real jewel in the crown however is Court 18, a new sunken court on the far west end of the grounds, with seating for 2,200 people. It's the fourth-biggest stadium at Roland Garros and has already created a unique atmosphere.

French Open Tickets - Personalized and Emailed:

French Open Tickets are registered and transferred into the name of a specific ticket holder.  We gather that information the names and birthdates of each of the people you are purchasing tickets for at the time of your order.  If you don’t have it available at the time of purchase, you can provide that to us at a later time. The attendees will need to show government issued ID, and the name on it must match the name on the ticket. Reserved tickets in the Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) or the Suzanne Lenglen stadium also give you access to the outside courts, known as the Annex courts. Tickets are all sold by category.  


French Open Ticket Delivery:

French Open tickets are all in E -Ticket format and are delivered to you via email approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your first date of tennis that you have ordered.


The Tournament Location:

The tournament site is located in the very southwest corner of Paris nestled up against the sprawling Bois de Boulogne park in a neighborhood known as "the 16th". The neighborhood is considered very bourgeois, safe, basically a nice quiet residential area. The end of May to the beginning of June in Paris generally enjoys delightful weather with the highs in the mid 80’s and lows at night in the upper 60's. It's the perfect weather for watching tennis and taking a lovely stroll along the Seine after the action as the lights of the city brings to life with all it's buzzing cafes and amazing restaurants.  


Getting out to the Tennis:

You can obviously take a taxi or private car out to the tennis, but the fastest way considering the traffic in Paris is to take their subway system. The “Metro” as it’s called is by far the best way out to Roland Garros.  It is incredibly efficient and safe.  Depending on where you’re staying in Paris, you’re endpoint will be the Metro station Porte D’auteuil.  If you’re coming from anywhere in the St. Germain area, you’ll take the  #10 line direction Boulogne-Pont de Saint-Cloud.The entrance is only about ¼ a mile from the Porte d’Auteuil metro stop.    As you get off the Metro stop, there are a few cafes just outside the entrance to the metro station where you can sit and enjoy a coffee and croissant, such as the Cafe Marly.  You’ll also find local boulangeries, chinese take out places, and a few grocery stores where you can get water, fruit, chocolate or whatever else you’d like to bring into the tennis with you.  The French tend to get a nice picnic together for their time at the tennis to avoid paying the exorbitant prices inside. Avoid the lines and grab a nice big bag of cherries and a large Evian!

By Metro

Before you head to Roland Garros stadium, we recommend purchasing your return ticket, to avoid queuing at the end of the day.  

  • Line 9: get off/on at Michel-Ange Auteuil, Michel-Ange Molitor
  • Line 10: get off/on at Porte d'Auteuil, Michel-Ange Molitor, Boulogne Jean-Jaurès or Pont de Saint-Cloud

When you leave the stadium, we suggest getting the metro from Michel-Ange Molitor, to avoid having to change at Boulogne Jean-Jaurès. 

By Bus
  • No.22: get off at Michel-Ange Auteuil
  • No.32: get off at the last stop, Porte d'Auteuil 
  • No.52: get off at Porte d'Auteuil or La Tourelle
  • No.62: get off at the last stop, Porte de Saint-Cloud
  • No.72: get off at La Tourelle
  • No.123: get off at Porte d’Auteuil or Porte Molitor or Gambetta (bus stop "Roland-Garros" and "Rue des Pins" deleted for safety reasons) 
  • No.241: get off at Porte d’Auteuil or Gambetta (bus stop "Fleuriste municipal" deleted for safety reasons)
  • No.260: get off at Gambetta
  • PC1: get off at Porte d'Auteuil or Porte Molitor
By Bike

We are providing even more bicycle parking around the stadium this year, close to the Auteuil and Molitor mandatory checkpoints (PPO), as well as a new hundred-space parking area right next to the Boulogne PPO (for all kinds of vehicle, the closest to a checkpoint). This new one is located at the bottom of the P2 parking. It will be 24m long, with 100 bike hooks. An agent will be posted to supervise the bicycles from 7am to 11pm. Access to this parking will be on presentation of a daily access ticket and the park will be done with each user's personal lock.

In your own car

The parking spaces around the stadium are reserved for local residents (including the disabled parking spaces): any vehicles parked in these spaces may be issued with a parking ticket and the vehicle may be towed.   

Visitors are PROHIBITED from parking two-wheeled vehicles on the pavement: any vehicles parked on the pavement may be issued with a parking ticket and the vehicle may be removed. 

Free shuttles from the public car parks to the stadium, drop off near the PPO checkpoints:
  • Pelouse de Saint-Cloud: Chemin de Ceinture du Lac Inférieur, 75016 Paris. Access via the Porte de Passy exit on the outer ring road
  • Porte d'Auteuil car park (Carrefour): 1-3, avenue du Général Sarrail, 75016 Paris.
  • Point-du-Jour car park: Place Abel-Gance, 92200 Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • Porte de Saint-Cloud car park (service station):  2, avenue de la Porte de Saint-Cloud, 75016 Paris.
  • Parchamp car park: 7 ter, rue du Parchamp 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.


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